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Therapy to help you reflect, embark, & flourish.

Counseling & Consulting in Throop, PA

Counseling Sessions

Whether you are struggling with something specific, or need a safe space to talk, supportive therapy can open many doors to your growth.

Counseling may help you listen better to yourself, make better choices, build better relationships, and live more authentically.

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Counseling Sessions

Group Therapy

Run with special care and consideration of everyone involved group therapy can be a safe place to learn, grow and reach your goals.

The group experience can help you get helpful feedback from others, get new ideas for handling life situations, and have the chance to help others too.

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Group Therapy

Healthy Living Workshops

Get away from daily routines and obligations, and allow yourself some space to breathe, explore, and grow with others.

Workshops & Groups can help you engage, learn new skills, and allow you to be heard and process in a circle of support.

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Healthy Living Workshops


Hello, I'm Kristy Fiore

I strive to help people to live honest more meaningful lives through supportive and empathetic therapy.

I enjoy working with wide range of individuals from children to the elderly.  Some client issues I work and have training with are depression, anxiety, gender exploration, grief, crisis and disability.

I welcome, embrace and encourage diversity in all of my clients.

Find out more on my about page.

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