Counseling Sessions

Presently, I provide counseling for children, adolescents and adults.  and, I serve individuals, couples and families.

Cash, check, credit/debit, and a variety of insurances are accepted.

Individual Counseling

Individual sessions are one-one-one, and are set in the safe, confidential and supportive environment of my office.  We explore, process, and set goals to make changes in your life.

Gender Exploration

Gender Exploration is similar to Individual Sessions.  However, gender exploration is for anyone interested in exploring and processing feelings and thoughts about their gender.  In addition, we can research gender, network with other professionals in the field, look into support groups, and also work on self-advocacy skills.  The goal is to help you become the most authentic version of yourself.

Walk and Talk Therapy

Not interested in sitting across from a therapist? No problem. Walk & Talk is a great way to get out and move while working on your mental health.  This is similar to Individual Sessions, but we will be outside in the fresh air!  In the initial session, we will assess if Walk and Talk is the right fit for us, and if so, we will determine a location for our next session.

Note: Because most insurances do not cover this type of therapy.  It is important to contact your insurance company before we decide on Walk and Talk.  Self-pay is an option.

Grief Counseling

Maybe you have recently experienced a loss, or perhaps it was years ago.  Grief is different for everyone, everyday, and I provide a safe space to feel and reflect on your experience of your loss.

Career Counseling

If you've lost your job, need a change, or are not sure where to go next Career Counseling may be a good fit.  We will explore how to get to the job or career you are interested in pursuing, as well as, look into career and training options, complete resumes and cover letters, job search, and practice interview skills, self-advocacy, and any other skills or needs necessary to help you find the right career path.  Each session is designed to fit your needs.

Finding a therapist can be overwhelming, contact me to answer questions about my services.

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