Group Therapy

Group Therapy is a form of therapy where one or more therapists work with a small number of members together as a group to reach goals.

It can be very scary to share your life with individuals who you do not know.  Groups are run with special care and consideration of everyone involved, and will include policies and rules to set boundaries for the group.  I want you to feel that group a safe place to learn, grow and reach your goals.

Some Benefits of Group Therapy:

  • Feel validated with people who may share in your experiences.
  • Receive helpful feedback from others in the room.  Hearing multiple perspectives, can promote your growth and change.
  • Get news ideas for coping, self-care, handling life situations, and adding these new skills to your repertoire.
  • Improve your social skills and ability to connect in a healthy way with others.
  • Feel empowered and build your confidence by being a part of helping and connecting with members of the group.
  • Added Bonus: Groups are typically less expensive than individual therapy, especially if you do not have mental health coverage.

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